Direct Marketing

Target business customers and prospects with a well-conceived direct marketing campaign created for you by NM Marketing Communications. With an effective, professional campaign, you can personalize your marketing message, accurately measure results and repeat successful direct marketing campaigns.

To succeed, a direct marketing campaign requires:

  • Target Market: Direct your message to the right audience. Key success factors include determining the best target markets and the proper messages for generating the desired business response.
  • Graphic Design: Make a positive first impression and quickly convey your message. Key success factors include knowing your target market and creating compelling visuals that enhance your messages to generate connections and results.
  • Copywriting: Motivate action (buy your products, call your sales staff, and seek more information.) Key success factors include staying consistent with your selling points, proofreading and editing copy and message points.
  • List Management: Keep your database up-to-date. Key success factors include selecting the right lists, obtaining complete contact information and cleaning the lists.
  • Distribution: Time distribution for when customers make their supplier selection and buying decisions. Repetition is essential to reaching your market at the right time and for building top of mind awareness. Key success factors include determining the frequency and method of distribution that offer the greatest impact with the lowest cost-per-lead.
  • Tracking & Following-Up: Convert leads into sales. Key success factors include developing and implementing a method for filling orders and assigning leads to sales staff for follow-up action.

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