Communications Strategy

Effective marketing communications requires a well-planned and executed strategy. In fact, developing a communications strategy consistent with your budgetary realities and sales goals is the first step in our working relationship with you. Your strategy outlines your objectives and key strategies for achieving those objectives. For each strategy, we outline a series of tactics designed to achieve strategic success as measured by your objectives. This professional approach to marketing communications leads to a calendar of tactical events to be completed over a period of time, usually 12 months.

To develop, implement and assess your marketing communications over time, we have developed a six-step process that defines a strategic cycle of marketing communications activities.

Our B2B Marketing Communications Services Include:

  • Understanding Your Market – Gauge key players, market position, market influences and changes.
  • Assessing Your Business Needs – Determine primary objectives, competitive pressures, barriers to success.
  • Evaluating Available Resources – Consider strengths and weaknesses, budget, staffing and time.
  • Choosing Appropriate Strategies and Tactics – Integration of public relations, advertising, direct mail, Internet, trade shows, etc. Strategies and tactics will be consistent with your short-term and long-term objectives, accommodate seasons and market cycles, and link corporate development to industry events. The result of this step will be a calendar of activities showing the timeline for implementing each strategy and tactic.
  • Implementing Your Marketing Communications – Create and distribute the various direct mail, online tactics, print sales literature, trade show support and other activities of the your marketing communications program.
  • Evaluating Results – By reviewing the results of your marketing communications activities, we can help you plan and implement future efforts, thereby completing a cycle of marketing communications. We not only consider how well you have succeeded against your objectives, but also gain a better understanding of changing market conditions – leading us back to step one.

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