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Using White Papers to Reach Key B2B Audiences

White Papers should be an integral element of an effective business-to-business marketing communications strategy, yet many marketers don’t understand the benefits. Some confusion is understandable, since the meaning of the term, “White Paper” has changed over the years and an explosion of White Paper output has produced many documents that may or may not truly fit the category.

NM Marketing Communications can work with your business or organization in developing authoritative and timely White Papers.


NM Marketing eReports

Winter 2013 – “Tips for Building a Strong Agency Relationship”
As the New Year approaches, many B2B companies are putting the finishing touches on their marketing plans for 2013. These plans often include working with a marketing communications agency.

Summer 2012 – “Five Keys to Maintaining Customer Loyalty”
It’s no secret that it takes more time and effort to acquire a new customer than it does to retain a satisfied one. In fact, customer acquisition may cost six or seven times more than customer retention, according to Fred Reichheld.

Fall 2011 – “Painful PR Lessons from Penn State”
Universities are supposed to be bastions of knowledge, research and education. Unfortunately, the allegations about child abuse by former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky are providing a different kind of learning experience. The tragic situation has been steadily morphing into a case history for mishandling a crisis, as well as providing a valuable example of how quickly a stellar reputation can be ruined.

Summer 2011 – “Memorable Ways to Motivate Your B2B Customers”
Promotional items branded with your company name and logo are a tried-and-true way to create awareness among your customers. Plus, the right promotional items can serve as a continual reminder about your business and its services.

Spring 2011 – “Your Website is Your Calling Card”
In today’s Internet age, businesses are increasingly being judged as much by their website as they are by the products and services they offer. As we’ve discussed in previous reports, the Internet has clearly changed the relationship between buyers and sellers in the business-to-business marketplace. Buyers are doing their own research and seeking information when they need it, rather than waiting for sales people to push information out to them.

January/February 2011 – “What Key Ingredients Are Essential For Your Outsourced Marketing Mix?”
With our ever-changing business climate, your marketing initiatives and goals take on different priorities. Whether you routinely collaborate with outside marketing firms, or if this is your maiden voyage working with an external agency or marketing firm, you are still tasked with meeting if not exceeding your marketing goals each year.

November/December 2010 – “The Holiday Opportunity: Connecting With Clients”
The holidays are a great time to connect with your customers. As with any opportunity, you want to be sure to make the most of it. First and foremost, the holidays are a time to step back, take stock and touch base.

September/October 2010 – “Lessons of Pumpkin Patch Marketing”
Marketing business products or services is like marketing pumpkins. Explaining the item’s value down to its last seed is critical to garnering new customers. Because as most marketing experts agree, customers don’t buy products, they buy benefits.

July/August 2010 – “The Importance of Branding”
Communications methods are expanding at a phenomenal rate, giving companies new ways to reach their customers. But whatever channels you use – from personal sales calls and direct mailings, to an online presence and social media communications – creating a recognizable and sustainable brand will give you a definite edge among the competition.

May/June 2010 – “A Green Revolution in the Way We Communicate” – White Paper
The green revolution isn’t just about replacing paper with electrons. Green considerations are just a part of the sea change in the way we deliver information and interact with customers.

March/April 2010 – “How Earth-Friendly is E-Green?”
Assessing the eco-imprint of sustainable marketing communications.
All facets of business are under pressure to go GREEN. Whether it’s a genuine core value or one forced upon a business to remain a vendor of choice, companies are quickly converting old processes into those more eco-friendly – marketing communications among them.

January/February 2010 – “Creating Better Alignment Between Sales and Marketing”
The Internet has brought about a sea change in buyer/seller relationships and also changed the way that internal marketing and sales departments must work together to reach sales objectives, according to “Creating Better Alignment Between Sales and Marketing”.

November/December 2009 – “Born to Tweet!”
Secrets to why baby boomers are comfortable with social networking.

September/October 2009 – “View Marketing as an Investment Not an Afterthought”
Businesses that treat marketing as an afterthought may actually be spending more on their random efforts than if they invested in a solid marketing program from the beginning. Starting from square one every time your attention reverts back to ways of getting your value message into the marketplace will continually sap your time, energy and finances.

July/August 2009 – “Print’s Place in a Digital World”
Many pundits have speculated that as baby boomers slowly give way to the Internet generation, sure it’s only a matter of time before print fades away with them. But actually, research shows that for many purposes, print is the preferred medium of consumers and business executives alike.

May/June 2009 – “Creating Successful Events That Make a Business Impact”
Live events are a meaningful way to cut through communications clutter and directly present your message to key audiences. While the types of events can range from press briefings to trade show exhibits to seminars, they all share some common elements.

March/April 2009 – “The Brave New World of PR Measurement”
PR measurement has long used media impressions or advertising equivalency to define response. But we are now working in a new world order, where online technology and interaction are having a profound impact on public relations.

January / February 2009 – “Avoiding The Doom Of Accidental Brand Awareness”
Public relations uses various methods to get your company’s identity into the marketplace on any number of occasions. This increased awareness among potential buyers is one of your first steps toward success. There’s no mystery to achieving effective PR. In fact, opportunities to publicize your business are virtually everywhere.

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