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NM Marketing Communications sets itself apart from other Chicago public relations specialists because we concentrate on a select number of markets and have extensive public relations experience on both sides: trade publisher and public relations agency.

Being a public relations specialist focused on a select number of business-to-business markets enables us to understand those industries and build long-term relationships that result in PR success for our clients.

We know how to work with editors because our public relations staff has served in editorial positions for such prominent industry magazines as Appliance, Die Casting Engineer and Modern Metals.

Benefits of Working with an Established PR Campaign Specialist

This knowledge and expertise benefits NM Marketing Communications's Chicago client campaigns in several ways:

  • Public relations plans focus on realistic, achievable ideas that will make an impact with your customers and prospects.
  • We already speak the industry "language," resulting in quick turnaround for the various public relations elements.
  • Working on related, but non-competitive programs, often results in synergies with editors and others. For instance, we may learn of a story opportunity for a client while discussing an idea for another client with an editor, or assemble an industry panel through our network of contacts.

Our PR firm services incorporate a variety of public relations tactics:

Press Releases - The Cornerstone of Public Relations

Press Releases - Press releases to appropriate business and trade media inform editors about new products, company developments and other newsworthy activities. A professionally written press release can make the difference between successfully attracting an editor's interest and having your story ignored.

NM Marketing Communications understands the many public relations factors that help a press release become successful ­ such as timeliness, newsworthiness and concise writing ­ and is adept at crafting effective press releases that will achieve your public relations objectives.

Media Relations - Key Contacts for Public Relations Visibility

Media Relations - Consistent, ongoing contact with editors develops effective public relations to identify a variety of public relations story opportunities and persuade editors to include your organization's public relations message in their coverage. Public relations stories might include special features identified by researching editorial calendars, positioning clients as industry experts for trend or roundup articles or comments on the state of the industry.

Successful public relations are achieved through a sustained public relations campaign with journalists, utilizing a set of public relations strategies and materials such as public relations media kits, fact sheets, press releases and, most importantly, personal persuasion. Journalists are inundated with information and "story pitches" from dozens of organizations.

NM Marketing Communications' PR firm services focus on a select number of industries, so we know what journalists want and how to reach them.

Case Histories - Cost Effective Public Relations

public relations specialists in chicago ilCase Histories - Case studies show how a product or service solved a problem or contributed to profitability. They provide real examples of the benefits of your company¹s product or service with the added advantage of the implied endorsement of the end user. Click for PR Agency Trade Publication Case History Article (in new browser).

Besides providing credible proof of your organization's capabilities, case histories often build stronger relations with the customers who are featured as end users. They not only receive publicity in key industry publications ­ at no expense to them ­ but the process of identifying and creating the case history helps develop stronger relationships with sales and marketing staff.


Newsletters - Keeping Public Relations Current and Consistent

Newsletters - Newsletters, as part of a public relations campaign, help maintain a consistent stream of controlled public relations information to your customers and key audiences. Effective public relations newsletters provide value by offering information that the audience might not otherwise receive as well as reinforcing the company¹s public position as experts in their industry or market. The multiple uses of public relations newsletters include:

  • Build brand recognition in the market.
  • Build a community of loyal readers who are likely to do business with your company.
  • Influence buying decisions.
  • Improve bottom line with marketing tools that cost less than classical marketing tools.
  • Introduce new products, reposition old products, and move commodity products to branded products.
  • Increase web site traffic by referring readers back to your web site.
  • Increase web site traffic by increasing the number of pages indexed by search engines.

Speaking Engagements - Public Relations by Meeting the Public

Speaking Engagements - Speaking engagements allow you to tell your story in your own words to associations, trade groups and other business audiences in Chicago. In addition to the benefits of this direct contact, the speech often generates extended public relations coverage through articles in business and trade publications or association newsletters. There are a number of opportunities for public relations presentations, ranging from speeches at monthly meetings for local chapters of national organizations, to participating as a panelist at a trade show or seminar, to keynote addresses at national forums.

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