Public Relations Campaign Objectives

NM Marketing Communications specializes in helping corporations and organizations determine an appropriate set of public relations campaign objectives. When your PR campaign objectives are set, an aggressive, pro-active public relations program provides numerous benefits as part of a company’s marketing mix.

  • Public relations campaign adds credibility because stories are perceived to have gone through a third-party filter – writers or editors – rather than the clients making their own claims.

  • The materials generated as part of the public relations program can have multiple uses as a means of fulfilling your campaign objectives. For instance, press releases can be posted on your web site or used as part of an online newsletter.

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  • Successful story placement can reach target audiences in a variety of ways, reinforcing the messages at the core of your public relations campaign objectives. Most publications now offer online versions of their magazines, and some supplement these outlets with e-mail newsletters or news alerts, potentially offering three different ways to reach target audiences with one story. Published stories are also valuable as reprints, extending the reach of the information to additional audiences.

  • Public relations is extremely cost-effective when compared with other marketing techniques, particularly advertising.

Within the realm of PR, there are a number of tactics that can be used to achieve a client’s objectives. These include:

Media Kits Help Achieve Public Relations Objectives

A media kit provides editors with the essential background information they need to keep on file about your company or organization. Often, the media kit is an editor’s first introduction to a client.

Press Releases

Press Releases to appropriate business and trade media inform editors about new products, company developments and other newsworthy activities. A well-written press release is the core of communications with most editors.

Editorial Briefings

Editorial Briefings let you tell your story face-to-face with the media. These can be done in a variety of ways, including going to editors' offices, inviting them to your facilities or holding a briefing in conjunction with a trade show, when editors are concentrated in one location.

Case Histories

Case studies show how a product or service solved a problem or contributed to profitability. They provide real examples of the benefits of your company’s product or service with the added advantage of the implied endorsement of the end user.

Media Relations Help Achieve Campaign Objectives

Ongoing contact with editors develops effective relationships to identify a variety of story opportunities. Stories might include special features identified by researching editorial calendars, positioning clients as industry experts for trend or roundup articles or comments on the state of the industry.


Surveys are not only useful for the information they provide to the client on selected industry issues, but they can often be used to generate news about the company based on the survey results.



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Speaking Engagements Help Achieve Campaign Objectives

Speaking engagements allow you to tell your story in your own words to associations, trade groups and other business audiences. Besides the benefits of this direct contact, the speech often generates extended coverage through articles in business and trade publications or association newsletters.


Newsletters help maintain a consistent flow of controlled information to your customers and key audiences. Effective newsletters provide value by offering information that the audience might not otherwise receive as well as reinforcing the company’s position as experts in their industry or market.

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