WGN Interview Promotes Workforce Consultant’s Expertise

Dr. Edward E. Gordon

Glenview, IL, July 6, 2012 -- A 15-year long business relationship between Dr. Edward E. Gordon and NMMC Managing Director Norwin Merens resulted in Gordon being featured on WGN Radio 720 on May 26. Gordon, who operates Imperial Consulting in Chicago, appeared on Bill Moller’s Saturday morning program to discuss the increasing shortfall of workers’ job skills for positions in many industries.

The relationship with Gordon began in the late ‘90s when Merens was chairman of the Chicago Chapter 5 of the North American Die Casting Association. He invited the consultant to speak at one of the chapter’s meetings. They renewed their contact earlier this year through Merens’ work for the Chicago-based Center for Labor & Community Research. After a couple phone calls with Gordon, NMMC agreed to handle a few media placements for Imperial Consulting, leading to the WGN radio broadcast.

As the author of 17 books on career and workplace issues, Gordon’s expertise in rebuilding broken job/talent pipelines was a source of valuable information for Moller’s audience. Among Gordon’s observations was that by 2020 there might be 12- to 24-million job openings without qualified applicants. The shortfall will be the result of a large number of baby boomers leaving the workforce and the growing gap in appropriate education and training.

To listen to the interview, visit http://www.wgnradio.com/shows/billmoller/podcasts/ and listen to the May 26, 2012 podcast with Dr. Edward E. Gordon.

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