Industrial Marketing & Public Relations Services

Specialized Industry Requires Specialized Marketing

Your business serves a special niche. Whether you galvanize widgets, stamp sheet metal or supply raw materials, because you provide products and services to other industries, your marketing campaign must be as specialized as your business. Distinct from consumer marketing, business-to-business or industry-to-industry marketing requires unique marketing strategies and tactics. Are you truly satisfied with the results of how your marketing program is reaching your industrial prospects?

What if you could tap into the services of a marketing firm that specializes in industrial marketing? One with decades of experience in positioning companies like yours as first choice among industrial firms looking to purchase the products and services you provide. Well, now you can with a strategic marketing plan from NM Marketing Communications.

We are a Chicago based industrial marketing and consulting agnecy providing a full range of industrial marketing and public relations services.

  • Market research
  • Strategic business planning
  • Plan implementation and maintenance
  • Direct sales
  • Trade show management
  • Precision-targeted marketing

Focus on Your Success

NM Marketing Communications takes pride in establishing long-term business partnerships, because we believe that long-term relationships create long-term success. We help you define your target market and become its top-of-mind vendor. Through marketing consultation, long-term strategies and a clear focus on your future, we work to ensure a solid growth pattern for your company¹s success. Let us put our proven track record and techniques to work for you, today.

Bring Clarity to Your Business

Clarity is indeed the key that some organizations lack. It often takes an outside party to make an objective evaluation of a company's current marketing efforts. Is your organization's marketing campaign working? If not, we can help you take your current marketing campaign to the next level or to breathe new life into one that has become a bit stagnant. Whatever your needs are ­ one-time or long-term and ongoing ­ we go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction and success.

Industrial Marketing and Public Relations Services


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