The Internet has brought about a sea change in buyer/seller relationships. For decades, the traditional B2B sales approach relied on a direct sales force following up on leads generated by trade advertising, trade show exhibitions, direct mail, telemarketing and similar methods. While these methods still have a role in the marketing mix, that role is diminishing as the Internet provides new ways for buyers to make intelligent decisions more quickly.

A newer marketing model focuses on demand generation. This is defined as the art and science of developing, nurturing and maintaining interest in your products or services. Demand generation capitalizes on using a variety of marketing channels to position your company as an industry leader with buyers seeking information. Once a buyer’s interest is established, various tools can be used to nurture the purchaser through the buying cycle to a successful conclusion. Social media play an important role in the demand generation process, with particular emphasis on the increasingly popular tactic of content marketing.

Read our latest white paper "How Effective Content Marketing Moves B2B Buyers to Purchase" about the newer marketing model that focuses on demand generation.

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