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Direct Marketing – Proven to Boost Sales and Lead Generation

NM Marketing Communications integrates decades of business marketing experience with a personal, hands-on approach to our clients. We specialize in business-to-business marketing, and one tactic that's proven to boost sales and lead generation is direct marketing.

Business marketing is an effective component of any integrated marketing program, particularly for clients with smaller, specialized target audiences. With an effective direct marketing campaign in place for your business, you build and maintain a stable client base.

We can help you reach your ideal customers with a precision-targeted multi-level direct marketing campaign, just like we've been doing with other clients since 1999.

Business to Business Marketing Done Right

Establishing a good client base is critical, when it comes to gaining long-term customers. This is especially true for smaller businesses. Effective business to business marketing focuses specifically on target industries. A good business marketing campaign not only allows you the opportunity to grow, but it helps you keep pace with your competitors, and direct marketing is often overlooked.

There are three keys to effective business to business marketing, and NM Marketing Communications will work with you on all three.

  • Mailing List - Whether you intend to send direct sales letters, postcards, catalogs, or any other form of targeted business marketing, our experience and resources can help you make sure that your mailing list is complete and up-to-date. We'll help you put your message in front of the right people, the people who can make the decisions that pertain to your business.
  • Call to Action - Make it easy for your prospect to take action. The right approach is critical, and for that you need experienced business marketing professionals. We'll help bring the customers to your door.
  • Creativity - Find as many ways as you can to put your company, your products, and your services in front the right people. From premiums to postcards, sales letters to targeted prospects, our creative team can help you come up with new and inventive ways of targeting your audience.

Targeting Industries Brings Higher Response Rates

Among industries like health care, pharmaceuticals, fitness products, and industrial manufacturing, business marketing is now a weapon of choice. The reason is simple: direct marketing performs. According to a study on response rates released by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), the average response rate for the 1,122 industry-specific campaigns was 2.61%. For manufacturing, the response rate was 3.17%.

NM Marketing Communications can help you achieve results through a strategic, multi-level direct marketing campaign. One of our Chicago-area clients, whose marketing strategy included a direct mail campaign, reported a sales increase of over $2 million annually.


Chicago Business Marketing Agency

Direct Marketing – The Proven Workhorse

According to the DMA, the marketplace continues to change - affected by the economy, deregulation, competition, and the need to offset expensive advertising campaigns - business marketing techniques are now being used by a wider spectrum of the business community.

Chicago Direct Marketing Agency: Strategies with Measurable ROI

NM Marketing Communications is a full-service marketing agency that provides a complete range of business marketing services, including e-mail, direct mail, and more. We work with you to implement proven direct marketing strategies and tactics and provide a measurable ROI.

We focus on your specific business needs, and then create a direct marketing communications plan that establishes new relationships, helps you penetrate new markets, and generates qualified leads.


If your company would like to reap the immediate and long-term benefits of a cost-effective business marketing program, whether you’re in the Chicago area or elsewhere, call us at 847.657.6011 or send us an e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you.