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NM Marketing Communications is a Chicago-based, B2B advertising agency that integrates advertising into your overall communications approach. Trade advertising, internet marketing, social media, public relations and direct marketing can all be valuable ways to reinforce messages with critical B2B audiences. Advertising for our clients ranges from ongoing programs that maximize frequency to single, compelling ads.

There are several key elements necessary for a marketing ad agency to create a powerful B2B advertising strategy that attracts customers:

Concept Development

The first step in any successful advertising campaign is creating a concept that will cut through the clutter, reach your key audiences and create more business. As a B2B advertising agency focused on obtaining measurable results for our clients, we analyze your objectives, strengths, points of differentiation and other critical factors before creating a positioning for your product or service.


A compelling design for your advertisement draws prospects into your message. Our designers create distinctive designs for your B2B advertising, regardless of the size or format. However, as an agency focused on results, we never let a design overshadow the key message or call to action.


Effective copy works hand-in-hand with good design to convince prospects that you offer the solutions they need and to spur them to take action. We make sure your copy and artwork are integrated into a convincing B2B advertising message that prompts your customers to take action.

Media Planning

No matter how creative or compelling your B2B advertising is, it must reach the right audiences in order to be effective. As a full-service B2B Internet marketing agency, we develop advertising placement schedules that will give you the most impact for your money in the media that are seen by your customers and prospects.

B2B Internet Marketing Agency

Handling All of the Details

While focusing on the big picture for your B2B advertising is important, we also manage the production of ad materials in the proper formats, handle insertion orders and all the other agency details that are necessary for a successful B2B advertising program.

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