Effective Association Communications Create Member & Public Interest

Associations exist to serve one group – their members. However, fulfilling that mission requires communicating multiple messages to a variety of audiences. NM Marketing Communications has a track record of helping associations in a variety of industries make a measurable impact on their members, legislators and the general public.

Our work covers a wide spectrum of association objectives - from developing membership campaign materials to promoting industry research. We help trade groups create a positive public perception on vital issues, and develop internal communications methods to make sure members know they’re getting value for their membership dues.

Trade Association Tactics

Here are some of the ways we help associations succeed.

  • Developing membership materials – Attracting and retaining members is one of the foremost tasks facing association executives. NM Marketing Communications has helped our association clients create dynamic presentations, print collateral, direct mail materials and advertising to support this goal. By making a compelling case that members receive exceptional benefits that greatly outweigh their dues investment, we help associations maintain a strong membership roster.
  • Generating business referrals – One of the best ways to show value to association members is by helping them grow their own organizations. We have helped associations generate business leads for members through a series of print and online trade advertisements advocating the benefits of specific industry processes or services. In one instance, this industry advocacy program resulted in qualified leads for members increasing by 35%.
  • Spreading research knowledge - Associations can pool resources, affiliate with universities or other research organizations, and tap private and government funding sources to conduct research for the benefit of its members. Research findings often lead to new or refined processes, product innovations or other improvements in knowledge that members can apply to their own organizations. Research leadership also has an impact on other industry segments that may use members’ services. NM Marketing Communications has assisted in the internal and external communication of research achievements through the development of research reports and summaries, White Papers and media materials.
  • Influencing essential issues - As the public face of a specific industry or profession, associations often take the lead to inform, advocate or defend particular positions to key audiences and stakeholders. These issues can range from environmental responsibility to trade and competitive issues. NM Marketing Communications has served a vital role in this process with our association clients. Our work includes counseling them on specific approaches, developing message points and communicating industry positions in a variety of ways, such as position papers, op-ed columns and arranging media interviews.

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  • Promoting industry awards – Recognizing leadership and innovation by members of a specific industry serves two purposes. First, it creates pride among members of the industry association and strengthens their bond with the organization. Awards also present a positive image to key external audiences by showing how association members are responsible for research, product development or similar advances in the industry. Working closely with our clients, we have helped organize and promote awards programs in order to attract entries. Then we have extensively publicized the results to ensure both association members and external audiences are aware of the award winners.

If your association would like to achieve success using our marketing and communications strategy and cost-effective implementation, call us at 847.657.6011 or send us an e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you.